About Hej Balloons

Balloons alone can bring a smile but creating a balloon animal never stop to amaze.

In 2016, still living in NL, I started with a simple twisting balloon set from the local party store.
Just to see if I would like it.

Almost all the balloons popped and my cats run off, but I had the time of my life  trying to make a knot in the balloon. I even had a go on the famous balloon dog.

10 days later my nephew was born. Proud as a I was of my new hobby, I had a go on a balloon stork. 

My cats learned some new words and there were a lot of broken balloons, but 5 hours later this was the result. 
Thanks to You Tube I managed. 😀

Slowly my hobby became known by more people and "Fien's Ballonnen" was born.


A creative friend joined me in creating smiles and we decided we could do more. We expanded our knowledge by following courses.
Our local shops starting to ask us for decoration for re-opening and special events.

After the success we had with our mothers day creation we also did fathers day

One afternoon I was at the cinema in the next town (Dordrecht the oldest city in The Netherlands) and had a small but important talk with the cinema manager. They had Disney princess weekends coming soon...... after my just randomly suggestion if they needed balloons with that..... we had ourselves a new repeating customer. For several movie premiers in the cinema we created  matching decors.

End of July 2018, I moved from The Netherlands to Denmark. While my balloons were still packed in boxes, I was contacted by Caitriona from Hej Balloons. She has started this great concept of helium balloon bouquets for every occasion. Combining Hej Balloons with a young family and a traveling husband was unfortunately no longer possible for her. If I would be interested in taking over her business.

After a good night sleep and some great coffee talks we agreed. 

Combining helium balloon bouquets with balloon decoration and twisting gives a great opportunity to create lots of smiles.

Enjoy strolling through all the balloons. Feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions.

Have a great day,

Josephina Kalshoven
Smile Creator

Hej Balloons
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