Walking balloons.

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These balloons are so much fun.
Even though they are helium filled they stay on the ground. The weight of the legs and feet works as an anchor to keep them close to you.

Want to send a gift that will get noticed - Then let me help.

We inflate the balloon for you.
It will be: Filled with helium
               ✔ Tied to a matching colour ribbon, to take it with you

Please mention the following information in the comment box at the checkout:
               ✔ Personal message for the receiver
               ✔ The delivery date
               ✔ The best delivery time

We are continuously updating this collection with more balloons, let us know when you are looking for something special.

If we don't have it, we can order it!
If we can't order it, we can create it!
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Delivery times and when should you order:
On our Order & Deliver page you will find all the information.

Want to know how to dispose of your balloons after the party, please read here.

Be aware: Foil balloons harm the environment when released outdoors.
Don't let them fly away.

** This balloon can be send by post

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