Balloon in an envelope

You wanna send a thoughtful greeting to your best friend, a familie member or your loved one? However this person lives not close enough too Denmark to receive an inflated balloon.

Let me help you by sending a balloon in an envelop.

We can send any balloon we have in the webshop, or we can create a personal balloon.
The idea behind is that the person receiving the balloon inflate the balloon with the balloon straw send with the balloon.
By that way we can create a smile anywhere in the world, delivered by the postman.

A balloon in an envelope begins at 30kr for a standard balloon. This include a balloon straw and a small note for the receiver and of course the envelop.
Due to the price difference between destinations of sending a balloon, this item can not be ordered directly in the webshop.

Get in touch with us and let's create a smile over a distance.