Balloon Twisting Workshop

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Always wanted to know how to make the famous balloon dog?

During this 2 hour workshop you learn the basic of balloon twisting, from how to tie a knot, too twisting several balloon creations. Like a dog, different swords, flowers etc.

The workshop is for min. 4 and max. 8 persons and open for everybody from 8 till 115 years old and will be given in English.

During the workshop high quality professional balloons and balloon pumps will be used. Coffee, tea or something else to drink will be available.

If you, after the workshop, are infected with the balloon virus, it is possible to purchase a bag with 50 professional balloons, a professional hand pump and a small book with basic instructions.

Important side note: The balloons are made of latex, the workshop is therefore not suitable for people with a latex allergy!!

Time and location of the workshop:
Ny Carlsberg Vej 36
1750 København V
19.00 - 21.00